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To meet the needs of the backyard beekeeper and the commercial beekeeper by providing high quality and readily available beekeeping equipment, education and services related to live and living honeybees. And more importantly, we celebrate bees and all living pollinators throughout British Columbia.

BC Bee Supply is proud to supply all backyard and urban beekeepers in Metro Vancouver with a wide selection of high quality beekeeping supplies at competitive prices. We aim to provide outstanding value for new beekeepers, commercial pollinators and honey lovers within the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. Contact us for all of your needs involving live bees, beekeeping equipment and honey extraction tools throughout the entire year.

We’re a BC-based supplier of beekeeping supplies and whether you are a beekeeping hobbyist just getting started or looking at becoming a commercial-scale beekeeping pollinator, we are your source for bees, supplies and the knowledge to help your apiary thrive.

Our team will answer your questions, show you how things are done, and in the near future will offer a variety of courses and hands-on demonstrations to make your beekeeping experience as rewarding as it is fascinating.

Real beekeepers are thrilled with BC Bee Supply and their down-to-earth approach on beekeeping in the city.

Natural Beekeeping - we favour local nucs, non-pesticide use and staying true to what brings us closer to the Earth.
Real Beekeepers - we have been beekeeping for many years.
It is harder than ever but we love it.


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